Faculty Information Technologies and Electronics

Programming and Mathematics Chair (121-Software engineering, 126-Information Systems and Technologies)

Computer Science and Engineering Chair (122-Computer Science, 123-Computer Engineering, 124-Cybersafety)

Computer Aided Management Systems Chair (151-Computer Aided Management Systems)

Electronic Apparatus Chair (171-Electronics)

Faculty of Humanities, Psychology and Pedagogy

Psychology and Sociology Chair ()

Health and Physical Education Chair ()

Pedagogy chair ()

Ukrainian Philology and Journalism Chair ()

Practical Psyhology and Social Work chair ()

Faculty of Low

Low Science Chair ()

Constitution Low Chair ()

Economic Low Chair ()

Philosophy, Culturalogy and Information Activity Chair ()

History and Archeology Chair ()

Educational and Scientific Institute of Transport and Building

Logistics and Traffic Safety Chair ()

Construction Urbanism and Spatial Planning Chair ()

Faculty of Engineering

Mechanical engineering and applied mechanics chair ()

Electrical engineering chair ()

Light industry technology chair ()

Chemistry and industrial safety measures chair ()

Chemical engineering and ecology chair ()

Mining chair ()

Educational and Scientific Institute of Economics and Management

Economics and entrepreneurship chair ()

Public administration, management and marketing chair ()

Accounting and taxation chair ()

Finance and banking chair ()

Educational and Scientific Institute of International Relations

Germanic and Romance Philology and Translation chair ()