Introductory word about the department


The department trains full-time and part-time forms of education at the levels of higher education with a bachelor's degree in specialties 171 «Electronics»172 «Telecommunications and radio engineering»153 «Microsystem and nanosystem devices», as well as at the levels of higher education with a master's degree  in specialties  171 «Electronics» and 153 «Microsystem and nanosystem devices».


Specialty 171 "Electronics" is aimed at training specialists to work both research and applied in almost all areas of electronics from the development of integrated circuits and the creation of a system of automated design of electronic devices to the development of electronic systems for various purposes.

Specialty 172 "Telecommunications and Radio Engineering" is aimed at training professionals capable of developing, operating and maintaining modern radio and telecommunications equipment for both civilian and military purposes.

Specialty 153 "Micro- and nanosystem devices" is aimed at training specialists who will gain knowledge about production technologies and methods of research of nanostructures and nanostructured materials, basics and principles of solid-state microelectronics and nanoelectronics and ways of their further development and miniaturization and also the basics and principles of operation of microelectromechanical systems.


General information about the department

   The emergence of the Department of Electronic Devices is due to the urgent need for enterprises and industries in the region and the country of relevant specialists in the design, development and maintenance of electronic devices and systems.

   Specialists trained by teachers of the department are always in demand in the modern labor market, which is confirmed by the practice of successful employment of our graduates in both domestic and foreign enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership. In teaching, a practice-oriented approach to learning is implemented, the emphasis is on the formation of students' professional practical skills.

   The department employs teachers who have experience in training in a number of technical specialties. The main purpose of the department's work is the acquisition and use by future professionals of knowledge and skills in the design, management, research of technological processes in the field of electronics, micro-and nanosystem technology, radio engineering and telecommunications.

   For many years the department has been successfully cooperating with Severodonetsk SPA "Impulse", SPA "Microterm", information and computing center of Severodonetsk association "Azot" and other enterprises and organizations of the region and Ukraine.

   Extensive laboratory fund of the department allows, using numerous laboratory equipment and computer classes, to conduct training of students at a high practical level.

   Due to the fact that our department works closely with the Severodonetsk NGO "Impulse", students have the opportunity to directly access the company from the third year. All types of practice students of the department are usually doing in the NGO "Impulse". Leading employees of the NGO "Impulse" worked at the department as part-time teachers, passing their experience and knowledge to university students.

   In the process of learning, students at the department under the guidance of professors and associate professors are actively engaged in research work. Students learn not only to develop, but also to assemble with their own hands various devices and laboratory installations for studying the basics of electronics, radio engineering and radio communication.

   The nature of employment of graduates in a competitive labor market is one of the indicators of the prestige of our university, the compliance of its curricula with today's requirements of employers. Our graduates are in demand not only in Luhansk region, but also in many regions of our country and abroad. They work in responsible positions of enterprises and organizations of Luhansk region in the field of electronics and informatics.