- for training for a bachelor's degree in:
121 Software Engineering

- for training for a bachelor's and master's degree in the following specialties:
126 Information systems and technologies

We have everything to give you a modern higher education in full-time and part-time education: license, accreditation, qualified teaching staff, computer classes, laboratories, library, gyms, dormitory.

Our teachers are ready to help you unleash your intellectual potential, provide the necessary knowledge to realize your career ambitions and take a worthy place in modern society.

Enrollment in the first year of full-time and part-time forms of study for a bachelor's degree, regardless of funding (budget, contract) is a competition of the sum of points of the certificate and external independent evaluation certificate issued in 2018 or 2019, in the following subjects:


121 Software engineering


126 Information systems and technologies

1. Ukrainian language and literature. 0,25
2. Math. 0,45
3. Choice: Physics, History of Ukraine, Biology, Geography, Chemistry or Foreign language 0,20


Persons (regardless of age) whose place of residence is the territory of the joint force operation and the settlements located on the line of contact (see list) have the right to enter the first year based on the results of the entrance exam (without passing an external independent assessment). or who moved from these territories after January 1, 2018.

Applicants who have obtained the educational qualification level of a junior specialist may enter the study for a bachelor's degree (full-time and part-time) in the third (second) year.

Persons who have previously obtained a bachelor's degree (specialist, master's degree) in another specialty are also admitted to study for a bachelor's degree.

The normative term of master's studies is 1.5 years. Admission to full-time and part-time study for a master's degree is carried out by specialization

Students enrolled in full-time education, regardless of the form of funding (budget, contract), are granted a deferment from conscription.

More detailed information on admission rules, application procedures, admission documents, admission calendar, admission schedule and other issues can be found on the university website and in the selection committee.