The department provides training of bachalors in two specialties:

121 "Software engineering" and 126 "Information systems and technologies"

and also masters in 126 "Information systems and technologies".


121 Software engineering is aimed at developing software systems that work reliably and efficiently, the cost of development and maintenance of which is affordable, and which meet the requirements set for them by customers. Today, software engineers are the most in demand in the labor market among other IT professionals, they participate in the development of domestic and international software projects, and have a decent pay for their work. The demand for software engineering professionals will only grow in the future!


126 Information systems and technologies. The main direction of this specialty is the development and practical use of information technology with an emphasis on Internet of Things, Cloud services, Big Data (storage). Ubiquitous use of information systems for various purposes requires the training of qualified specialists in the field of information systems and technologies that are able to create effective means of processing large arrays of information, to organize the interaction of various subjects and objects of information processes.


For Applicants


Information on the rules and conditions of admission, the list of documents is in the section For Applicants.

You can get acquainted in detail with educational programs, content and learning strategy at the following links:

121 Software Engineering (bachalor degree)
126 Information systems and technologies (bachalor degree)
126 Information systems and technologies (master`s degree)


For the student


Information on the training plan, the choice of educational trajectories, current issues in the Training section.

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